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 KAMAZ-6520-K4 dump truck,
 First registration - 2014.

Wheeled formula 6x4, engine - Cummins ISLe 400 40 (E-4) 400 hp,
 Gearbox ZF16, lifting capacity 20 tons, body volume 20 m3, rear unloading, MKB, MOB,
 Common Rail, exhaust system (Add Blue),

Injection pump BOSCH, restyling, air suspension of the cabin.

Manipulator, mechanics, car auto 6 tons.
 Boom of 6 m, arrows 2 tons.
 The length of the body is 4.5 m.
 Retractable platform


Body structure: ㅤ Truck
 Fuel: ㅤ Diesel
 Volume, cm3: ㅤ 2890
 Gearbox: ㅤ Mechanical
 Number of doors: ㅤ 2
 Power, hp / rpm: ㅤ 106
 Maximum speed, km / h: ㅤ 140
 Number of cylinders: ㅤ 4
 Number of places: ㅤ 5 + 1
 Carrying capacity, kg: ㅤ 1450

Mercedes Sprinter

Minibus for personnel transportation

Количество мест: 20

Тип двигателя: Дизель


 Diesel sink under pressure SIOUX Series DAKOTA II,
 Model H8.3D2600 (power 31.5 liters per minute at a pressure of 179.4 bar, water temperature 93С.
 Steam 15.7 liters per minute. at a pressure of 34.5 bar, a steam temperature of 160 ° C, 380 V / 3 phase / 50 Hz).
 The motor power is 11.3 kW, 1450 rpm. in min.
 The consumption of diesel fuel is 5-6 liters per hour.
 Weight of equipment: 777 kg.


Type: Cold water
 Pressure: 500 bar
 Water consumption: 1020 l / h
 Pump: Three-plunger ceramic plunger
 Drive: Electric
 Power: 15 kW (380V, 50Hz)
 Performance Mobile (trolley on 4 pneumatic wheels)
 Dimensions: 1070 mm x 745 mm x 750 mm

Type: Cold water
 Pressure: 500 bar
 Water consumption: 1020 l / h
 Pump: Three-plunger ceramic plunger
 Drive: Electric
 Power: 15 kW (380V, 50Hz)
 Performance Mobile (trolley on 4 pneumatic wheels)
 Dimensions: 1250 mm x 665 mm x 720 mm

Type: Cold water
 Pressure: 200 bar
 Water consumption: 900 l / h
 Pump: Three-plunger ceramic plunger
 Drive: Electric
 Power: 5.5 kW (380V, 50Hz)
 Performance: Mobile (trolley on two pneumatic wheels)
 Dimensions: 640 mm x 500 mm x 1055 mm

Мощность номинальная кВт 80

Мощность номинальная, кВА 100

Мощность максимальная, кВт/ 88

Мощность максимальная, кВА 110

Коэффициент мощности 0,8

Напряжение В 4OO/23O

Кол-во фаз 3

Двигатель Deutz /Германия/ Марка двигателя Deutz TBD 226B-6D

Частота вращения двигателя, об/мин 1500

Охлаждение Жидкостное Генератор ГС-100-400

Purpose: highly polluted water
 Fuel motor pump: diesel production: 1150 l / minMax.
 Diameter of input / output: 80x80 mm
 Suction depth: 8 m
 Lifting height: 27 m
 Fuel tank capacity: 3.5 l Engine: Yanmar L60AE
 Weight: 70.5 kg
 Length: 680 mm
 Width: 484 mm
 Height: 715 mm

Промышленный вентилятор : (2 шт.)

во взрывозащищенном исполнении с армированными

рукавами для подачи воздуха


lighting Lamps : (2 pcs.)
 in explosion-proof design for work in confined spaces

Пескоструйный аппарат для обработки поверхностей

Промышленный пылесос

для чистки и удаления пыли в труднодоступных местах

The volume of the tank for cleaning: From 5m3 to 50,000m3
 The volume of the tank for the cleaning solution: 16 m3
 Volume of hydrocarbon compounds: 14 m3
 Detergent consumption: 0,006 kg / m2
 Working pressure of the cleaning solution: 10 ... 12 kgf / cm2
 Allowable vacuum suction head for ejector: 6 m
 Lifting height of oil products for membrane pump: 8 m
 Heating of the washing solution: not less than 60-90 0С
 Length of washing jet: 12 m
 Degassing: available
 Power consumption: no more than 65 kW,
 The permissible sound level at the workplace in accordance with GOST 12.1.003: not more than 80 dBA,
 Vibration in the workplace according to GOST 12.1.012 for category 3 type "a:
 Vibration acceleration 100 dB
 Vibration speed 92 dB
 Weight (excluding semitrailer and tractor unit): 18500 kg.
 Overall dimensions, mm: length 12m 192cm, width 2m 450cm, height 2m 590cm.
 Operating personnel (taking into account the driver of the tractor unit): 5 - 6 people
 Degassing Forced: Available
 Diameter of cleaning sphere inside the tank: 24 m
 Accounting for the selected and returned product: available

•             The principle of operation of the KOR-1 M is the erosion jet detergent oil residues from the inner surface of the tank. The resulting water-oil emulsion is pumped into the KOR- 1M for subsequent separation of solids and separation solution (division into the cleaning solution and hydrocarbons). The separated oil is pumped into the tank for collecting cleaning products , and the cleaning solution is fed back to a further erosion, which provides reusable and withdrawal cycle. After completion of all cycles carried out tank degassing. In the case of residual contaminants in complex structures inside the tank (back side heating circuits and remote sites),  installation of the KOR-1M allows for manual cleaning solution under high pressure, as well as vacuum to collect residues of dirt and fluids.

•Complexes are equipped with the necessary approvals for operation in the petroleum products facilities.

•Complexes KOR-1M provides clean vessels up to 50,000 m3 in the following modes:

•- Selection of sediments and filtering;

•- Cleaning (washing) all the internal surfaces of the tank;

•- Return oil;

•- Direct transfer fuel from one tank to another;

•- Degassing of the tank.

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