Disinfection work

For the safety of your employees and customers in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, we invite you to take advantage of an effective solution that will help you protect your customers!

AtyrauServicePlus provides services:

1. Disinfection – complex destruction of pathogens, in residential, administrative, sports, medical, entertainment, commercial and office premises. Using highly productive technologies, we manage to completely rid the building of mold, all kinds of fungal forms, bacteria, viruses, chlamydia, coccyx, sticks and other dangerous pathogens of incurable pathologies.

2. Disinsection is an effective plan of measures aimed at exterminating highly contagious pests from the insect squad. Progressive methods practiced by our specialists effectively destroy ants, bedbugs, flies, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, ticks. We are also eliminating other gnawing, blood-sucking insects in all phases of their development.

3. Deratization – sanitary treatment of all types of premises of residential and non-residential stock in order to eliminate common rodents. The result of the darratization performed by our experienced and competent specialists is the complete extermination of mature and young rodents for a long period.

4. Sanitary treatment

5. Antiseptic treatment