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About us

"AtyrauServicePlus" is a diversified supplier of oil production, as well as offshore oil production and transportation. Thanks to close cooperation with our customers, the company is continuously growing and developing. We strive to provide our customers with economical and high-quality solutions.
 We actively cooperate with our customers to find the best technical
 solutions that ensure efficiency, environmental protection and economy.
 "AtyrauServicePlus" is a supplier within the production / commissioning sector, offering a wide range of services.

HSE Politics

* We inspire confidence in our customers and a sense of security for our employees.

    * Our main goal s no injuries!

    * We comply with all applicable rules and regulations
     * HSE is given the most important role in internal work

    * No work is more important than safety
     * Responsibility for HSE is at all levels of the organization
     * Everyone is responsible for their own safety and for the safety of others.
     *Our goals are achieved through continuous improvement of all processes and systems implemented in each organization.

Environmental protection polititcs

"AtyrauServicePlus" recognizes that many of our activities are associated with important opportunities to protect and improve the environment in which we work and live. Therefore, we apply the principles of sustainable development and give high priority to: the development and use of products, services and materials to prevent pollution, reduce the impact on the environment and waste generation, and optimize the use of resources. Together with our customers and suppliers we follow the legal norms and continuously improve our procedures and practices in the field of environmental protection. We believe that this activity will provide savings for our customers and new business opportunities for AtyrauServicePlus.

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