About us

The company “Atyrau Service Plus” was established in 2010. Our staff is more than 70 people. 

The company provides the following services:

The main activity is industrial cleaning and chemical clinic, namely – internal and external cleaning of all types of tanks,  pipelines and so on, as well as the company provides services – we specialize in high-altitude works by method industrial mountaineering. This allows you to perform work in the shortest time and in any hard-to-reach places where the use of scaffolding, cradles, aerial platforms and cranes for high-altitude work is difficult, economically not profitable or technically impossible. We have highly skilled chemist-technologists who can develop solutions for individual cases  The company’s balance sheet has all the necessary equipment for performing extremely hazardous jobs for cleaning. There is an automated complex for cleaning KOR-1 tanks of Russian production, which allows to carry out purification works without personnel entering the container, and this unit will be separated into 3 phases: 1) mechanical particles, 2) contaminated water, emulsion and 3) the product itself for example oil), which will be returned to the Client in the process. 

In addition, our company is engaged in the isolation of pipelines and equipment, as well as the elimination of leaks on pipelines and flange connections without stopping the process, ensuring safe and reliable operation of the equipment prior to planned repairs.

The range of our services also includes the provision of personnel for piping, reinforcement, carpentry, timbering and painting jobs.

Also, the company “AtyrauServicePlus” offers a full range of services for cleaning ventilation ducts. In our work we use modern equipment. Maintenance of cleanliness in air ducts is a concern for ecology, health and safety. And the use of professional equipment allows you to perform cleaning quickly and efficiently. Cleaning ventilation systems is a prerequisite for maintaining a favorable microclimate, both for domestic and industrial buildings. Collected in the ventilation ducts of the formation affect the air that breathe in the room people – hence the various health problems, reduced efficiency of staff. In addition, dust and fat deposits, as well as debris that obstruct the ventilation ducts, in case of fire, contribute to the instantaneous spread of fire throughout the building. We will service any industrial facilities, shopping centers, administrative buildings, houses and offices with high quality, selecting complex solutions for each individual case, observing safety precautions. AtyrauServicePlus guarantees efficient ventilation and clean air in the premises.

Also recently, the company acquired the latest equipment for industrial dry ice cleaning, which in its effect is a kind of sandblasting, excluding surface abrasion and does not need treatment with toxic cleaning agents. Dry ice is carbonized carbon dioxide, the temperature of which is minus 79 degrees Celsius. Its state can vary from a solid state to a gaseous state, without going into liquid, this effect is called sublimation. The combination of cold and expanding gas effects serves to wash off impurities from the substrate without abrasion or the use of solvents or toxic chemicals. Often, complex protection, disassembly and reassembly can be avoided, which leads to shorter work periods, shorter time and improves quality. Areas of application – from easy soft cleaning of very thin and difficult to clean items, such as cleaning of damaged objects, electrical installations and biological mold removal, to heavy industrial cleaning projects such as injection molding in tire production, cleaning of printing rollers in printed works and much other. Dry ice is electrically safe, does not damage sensitive parts, and does not have particles that can get stuck inside the equipment.

 The company employs highly qualified employees capable of solving complex technical problems. Each specialist has passed the certification and has an admission to work at height. All personnel constantly improve their professional skills. Security for the company above all.

Our company has fully trained personnel in accordance with the requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan and are certified according to the following training programs:

  • Certificate for work in confined spaces.
  • Safe work at height.
  • H2S Level 2.
  • Safety Driving at Work (SDAW)
  • First Aid training
  • Face Fit Training

The company carried out such dangerous works as a tank for storing oil with a volume of 80,000 cubic meters or a container with caustic soda. Our staff is trained to work in high pressure areas. We carry out construction work, such as excavation, rigging and timbering work.

The company has its fleet of equipment – we rent special equipment and equipment. We are located in a large office with an area of ​​800m2 in the city of Atyrau, also we have a production base in the Akzhar area of ​​2 hectares. The company has passed full certification on industrial cleaning, construction and repair services. We always strive for occupational safety – so for the whole time of the company’s work there were not a single case of violation of TB at the facilities. Also we have a car wash and a large maintenance station for repair and cleaning of special equipment.