Cleaning of boilers, heat engineering and technological equipment

For normal functioning of boiler equipment, it is necessary to maintain heating surfaces in a clean state. Cleaning of boilers, boiler equipment and process equipment is usually carried out in two ways: chemical cleaning of boilers (hydrochemical cleaning of boilers and boiler equipment) and hydrodynamic cleaning. Each method is considered individually when considering technical requirements for cleaning equipment.
Hydrodynamic cleaning of boilers and boiler units is the safest for heating surfaces, but its use is not always possible for several reasons.
Cleaning boilers hydrochemical (chemical) method based on the use of chemical reagents, the action of which is aimed at removing deposits from the heating surfaces of boilers and boiler equipment. The advantages of chemical cleaning include full coverage of the heating surfaces with working fluid and descaling from hard-to-reach places of equipment. The correct selection of reagents for entering into a chemical reaction with scale-forming elements is one of the main areas of work of the chemists of our company to achieve the greatest effect.