Industrial abseiling

AtyrauServicePlus has experience in high-altitude work (industrial mountaineering).
Our company will help you to solve your problems in non-standard ways, as we specialize in carrying out high-altitude work using the method of industrial mountaineering. This allows you to work in the shortest possible time and in any hard-to-reach places where the use of scaffolding, cradles, aerial platforms and cranes for high-altitude work is difficult, economically unprofitable or technically impossible.
The company employs highly qualified staff capable of solving complex technical problems. Each specialist has passed certification and has the admission to works at height.


  1. Works on painting surfaces and metal structures:
    Painting of metal shops.
  2. Paint tanks.
  3. Painting metal structures in factories.
  4. Paint masts lighting.
  5. Painting cell towers.
  6. Painting power lines.
  7. Painting of facades of buildings, workshops.
  8. Anti-corrosive protection and abrasive blasting.

We carry out the following types of installation work using industrial climbers and large-tonnage equipment:
1. Installation of metal structures.

2 .Laying feeders, optics, power cables.

  1. Installation of power supply cabinets.
  2. Thermal insulation for pipelines, tanks, tanks and industrial equipment.Atyrau Service Plus offers experienced, qualified personnel for the oil, gas and energy industries.
    Our employees are qualified and certified to industry standards.