Machinery and equipment


As practice often shows, the problem with containers filled with various hazardous substances can be extremely difficult in the absence of the necessary equipment.

Atyrau Service Plus has vacuum equipment “Super-Sucker”, which can pump out up to 14.2 m3 of liquid waste.

From hydrodynamic cleaning of pipes and sewage systems, to water-based milling, the number and scope of our suction device knows no boundaries.

Our standardized and versatile systems make daily work with KROLL equipment easy. The logical control structure and the corresponding monitoring with the help of modern technology of the CAN bus help to avoid many operator errors and increase employee comfort. Thanks to the additional equipment, automatic cleaning of sewers and tanks is not a problem.

Technical Information:

  1. Transport type: Combined hydrodynamic machine
    Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz
    Model: Antos 2543 L 6×2
    Power: 428 horsepower
    Environmental standard: Euro-6
    Gross weight: 26 tons
    Equipment manufacturer: Kroll
    Equipment type: K13,5 / 28 PE

Explosion Proof Mobile Blower.

Air flow rate:2880 m3 / h,round per minute: 1450 rpm,Certification per standards: 220 V 1Ex d IIB T4 Gb IP55, Dimensions:480х450х300 d=420mm 10m


Handlights WOLF WL300

НRated voltage: ±24 В AC/DC ±10%, 100-254 В AC ±10%, portable floodlight for use in hazardous areas 1 for gas and 21 for dust. Temperature class T4. 48 heavy duty led lights and a convenient design allows to use the spotlight on all explosive production sites. Degree of protection against external influences: IP 67


Ex-rated lightning tower PELI9455Z0

STDS UL 60079-0, UL60079-11
Certified to CSA STDS C22.2 #60079-0. 60079-11
Class I Division 1 Groups ABCD
II 1G Ex ia op is IIC T4 Ga
ATEX Certificate No. ExVeritas 17 ATEX 0243 X
IECEx Certificate No. IECEx EXV 17.0007 X
UM = 14.4V


Nominal power : 5 kW (15 kVA), Voltage: 380/220 V, Dimensions: 74×47.5×59


Diesel Generator АD80-КТ 80 кVа

Nominal power: 80 kW (100kVA), Voltage: 400/230 V Dimensions: 4500x1950x2750



SPECIFICATIONS COMPRESSOR Productivity 10.6 m3/ min
Nominal operating pressure 8.6 bar Maximum pressure 10.3 bar
Length x width x height 4120 x 1985 x 1810 mm; Weight 1935 kg; OVERALL DIMENSIONS ON FRAME; Length x width x height 2675 x 1380 x 1400 mm; Weight 1660 kgModel: XAHS350; Serial Number: WUX539997; P max working: 12; FAD 10; P.engine 93; Speed 2300; Manufacturer year: 201801


Model: high pressure pump LF-70/120 Max. Working pressure: 1200bar (the pressure you can adjust from 0 to 1200bar), Flow rate: 70L/min, Energy: Diesel engine (150kw), Mating power required: 150KW, Plunger diameter: 28mm, Stroke:70mm, Net size: 3000mmX1670mmX1930mm, Net weight: about 3000KG


Reservoir Cleaning Complex KOR-1M

The volume of the cleaning tank From 5 m3 to 50 000 m3.
Volume of tank for chemical cleaning solution 16 m3.
The volume of tank for hydrocarbon compounds 14 m3.
Consumption of detergent 0,006 kg/m2.
Operating pressure of cleaning solution 10…12 kgs/sm2.
Permissible vacuum suction for the ejector 6 m.
Height of lifting of oil products for the diaphragm pump 8 m.
The heating of the cleaning solution Not less 60-90 0С.
The length of the cleaning jet 12 m. Degassing Exist.
Power consumption No more 65 кWt.
Permissible sound level at the workplace in accordance with GOST 12.1.003 No more 80 dB.
The vibration in the workplace in accordance with GOST 12.1.012 for the category 3 type “a Vibro-acceleration 100 dB Vibration velocity 92 dB.
Weight (excluding semi-trailer and the tractor) 18500 kg.
Overall dimensions, mm: length 12 m 192 sm, width 2 m 450 sm, height 2 m 590 sm.
The staff (including the driver of the tractor) 5 – 6 persons. Degassing forced Exist.
The diameter of the sphere inside the washing tank 24 m.
Accounting for the selected product and returned Exist.


MP Chemical Pump 1

Flow: Min.: 0 l/min (0 us gal/min)
Max.: 65 l/min (17.1712 us gal/min)
Pressure: Min.: 0 bar (0 psi)
Max.: 8 bar (116.03 psi)


Centrifugal Diesel Pump

Centrifugal Diesel Pump Yanmar 8HP


Dry Ice Pelletizing Unit (PE-80)

Dry ice manufacturing starts with liquid carbon dioxide flowing to the pelletizer from a storage tank where The liquid is held under pressures between 14-23 bar (200-330 psi). The PE80’ Pelletizer’s nominal production capacity is rated at a pressure of 18 bar (260 psi). Length: 600 x 1000 x 1400 mm, Weight: 200 kg


Carbon dioxide storage tank

1) V=8m3, working pressure Mpa 2,0, Weight: 4360 kg 2) KK 6227-100-01, Length: 8220 mm, Diam: 1200 mm, working pressure Mpa 1,8, V=9m3, Weight: 2350 kg, maximum load weight: 9000 kg