Dry Ice Cleaning

“Atyrau Service Plus” Company acquired the latest equipment for industrial dry ice cleaning, which in its effect is a kind of sandblasting, excluding surface abrasion and does not need treatment with toxic cleaning agents. Dry ice is carbonized carbon dioxide, the temperature of which is minus 79 degrees Celsius. Its state can vary from a solid state to a gaseous state, without going into liquid, this effect is called sublimation. The combination of cold and expanding gas effects serves to wash off impurities from the substrate without abrasion or the use of solvents or toxic chemicals. Often, complex protection, disassembly and reassembly can be avoided, which leads to shorter work periods, shorter time and improves quality. Areas of application – from easy soft cleaning of very thin and difficult to clean items, such as cleaning of damaged objects, electrical installations and biological mold removal, to heavy industrial cleaning projects such as injection molding in tire production, cleaning of printing rollers in printed works and much other. Dry ice is electrically safe, does not damage sensitive parts, and does not have particles that can get stuck inside the equipment.